Vinyasa Flow: YinYasa – A Yang Sandwich

Vinyasa Flow: YinYasa - A Yang Sandwich

Style: Vinyasa Flow
60 minutes
Yin and Yang: Hips, side-body, core
Props: 2 x Blocks, Belt, Bolster/Blanket (optional)
Date Recorded: 20/05/2021
This flow starts with some gentle yin stretches to stretch the hips and side body. Followed by a more dynamic yang flow with core curls, bicycles and dancing warrior sequences. Then finishing with some more yin with sphinx, side-stretches and quad & hip's a yang sandwich!
Yin is a slow, long-hold style of yoga that targets deep tissues such as joints, ligaments and fascia – the wafer-thin sheath around each of your muscles. These connective tissues can become damaged when stressed or injured and, as our bodies age, they become less flexible. Not only does yin have wonderful physical benefits, but taking some time to slow down and notice the sensations in the body can bring a sense of calm and connection. As life speeds up it's important to take time out to slow down so we can find balance in both body and mind x