Hello!  I am Angela Goodwin and I am the founder and principal teacher at Yoga Bradford.  I wish you a warm welcome =) I believe that yoga is for everyone and know that everybody’s journey is different and this individuality should be nurtured.  My classes at Yoga Bradford have a relaxed, informal atmosphere to provide nourishment for the body and soul!  Every great journey starts with the first step and I am here to help you find your yoga path.

I was first drawn to Yoga in because it offered a welcome inner sanctuary away from the stress and anxieties of hectic life.  I have a first class BSc (Hons) in Psychology and I enjoy exploring the similarities between Mindfulness and Yoga.  Mindfulness increases awareness, clarity and acceptance of our present-moment reality by paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.  This mindfulness approach can help combat anxiety & depression and is one of the underlying principles of yoga practice, which directs focus to the breath and body to provide a moving meditation.  Mindfulness and yoga changed my life from suffering with daily anxiety and panic attacks to a feeling of being in control; knowing I had the choice how to respond to a situation and the knowledge that I had a choice was a break-through!  That’s not to say it’s easy, but with practise it can start to be a new habit and behaviour and can empower you to take back your life.

I have been practising yoga since 1998 and I completed my teacher training with Brian Cooper (PhD) and Nichi Green in 2013.  I am an experienced practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and I studied with and assisted Joey Miles at Ashtanga Yoga Leeds, which has also provided firm foundations for my practice of Vinyasa Flow yoga.

I am and always will be a student, always curious about new tools that can help support us through life.  As such, along my journey I have attended workshops/training with internationally recognised teachers David Swenson, Tim Feldman,  David Garrigues, Eddie Stern, Stu Girling, Esther Ekhart, Granville Cousins and Durga Devi and I look forward to sharing with you the tools and tips I have learned along the way.

I am currently proudly teaching yoga to the Bradford City football team to support their training by improving mobility and flexibility to reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery.  I also delivery weekly desk yoga and meditation sessions to employees of Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust, bringing moments of peace and calm whilst at work.

Below is some feedback from our lovely Yoga Bradford yogis:

“Just wanted to send a quick thank you for a lovely afternoon.  You have an incredible way of creating a supportive, encouraging environment.  Despite being nervous to go as a beginner (with a sore back), I am so glad that I joined in today.  Thank you!”

“Today I feel great Angela! Relaxed and energised, just what I wanted/needed from yesterday’s workshop.  I found the pace and mix really enjoyable, challenging both mentally & physically.  Also being part of bigger group than normal was really supporting and confirming – thank you! And please offer more workshops! Namaste x”

“Overall out was lovely to try out a new class teacher, and approach. The session came across as really well thought through and I enjoyed it. You’re knowledge is very in depth, which really came across x”

“Really enjoyable day and thank you for your support, encouragement and dedication. It was a challenging but positive experience. Yoga has really changed my life and ability to do all the things I want to!!”

“I absolutely loved the whole session, the way it fits together and the way I feel after. Great teaching from Angela, with clear advancements and easier options make it enjoyable for everyone. I have tried many yoga classes over the years and Angela’s are by far the best. Thank you”

“From joining I felt Angela’s professionalism and passion which she brings to every practice session. She gives you confidence to extend safely and most of all, skilfully is observing but you don’t feel watched or judged, which really frees you up to focus on yourself. I’m learning in a calm, enjoyable, self-enhancing way!”

“I loved the urban yoga retreat, it built on what I had learned in class and I felt refreshed and renewed all day afterwards. I would definitely attend again and would love them to be a regular feature.”

“You’re a brilliant, warm, welcoming teacher and I really hope you have more workshops in the future. Thank you…”

“You are a wonderful teacher, I always feel very comfortable and welcomed in the class.  You are very approachable.  I also very much like the flow and movement of this style of yoga.”

“I LOVED every class I attended at Yoga Bradford; there is nothing I would change because it is perfect as it is. This yoga style is exactly the one I like…”



Angela is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK