Online Classes

Welcome to Yoga Bradford online! Here you will find a variety of classes that you can practice anytime, anywhere =) A mindfulness approach is woven throughout the classes, with a focus on the breath.  Find a class to suit your mood, whether you are looking for a slower, stretch-focussed class or a dynamic flow to build heat.

Yoga changed my life, which is why I love to share my experience to pass the gift on.  As such, these online classes are free to use as many times and as often as you like.  I am forever a yoga student; I am keen to continue to develop my yoga knowledge and incorporate this into my teaching. As such. if you have the means and should you wish to make a donation (pay as you feel) then all donations are humbly and gratefully received.  Your kind generosity will support me to continue to share yoga with you and to keep the classes (and your practice!) fresh.

Peace, love and light, Angela x