Vinyasa Flow and Slow Flow

Vinyasa flow

Our Thursday evening classes are open level Vinyasa flow classes, with a firm foundation in Ashtanga.  Often the class will have a particular theme each week e.g. core strength, working on opening the hips, arm balances etc. and this theme will change weekly.

This is sometimes called flow yoga.  “Vinyasa” means breath synchronised movement and in this flowing yoga style the postures are linked together in a flowing sequence, accompanied by music. Contrary to Ashtanga which has a set sequence, each Vinyasa flow class will vary in the postures included but will still  include a wide range of movements to increase strength and flexibility.  The postures are held for varying amounts of breath, rather than the standard 5 breaths like Ashtanga.  It can be thought of a kind of freestyle Ashtanga!

Our Vinyasa flow classes are fun and challenging and open to both beginners and the more experienced. Each class will contain varying sequences and poses to keep the body challenged, yet will have enough familiarity to aid progression. Each class is individually sequenced, adapting to the needs of the class and modifications are offered to ensure you can practise safely and choose the best pose to suit you. Remember all postures are optional so if it’s not right for you then skip it…but if you fancy a challenge then join in!  Try Yoga Bradford Vinyasa Flow classes online!

Slow flow

The Slow Flow classes are light and creative and there is a focus on the breath throughout. Each session will focus on a different theme e.g. releasing tension from the neck and shoulders, developing flexibility in the hamstrings or they may focus on a particular posture. In the Slow Flow, postures are generally held for a longer number of breaths (compared to Vinyasa Flow), and the transitions between poses are a little slower. The more gentle nature of this class is great for beginners, but is also wonderful for intermediate and advanced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking deeper into their practice.

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