Vinyasa Flow: Up the Ante – Bakasana!

Vinyasa Flow: Up the Ante - Bakasana!

Style: Vinyasa Flow
Length:Β  60 minutes
Focus: Arm Balance
Props: Block and belt
Date Recorded: 30/04/2020
You have probably already realised I love an arm balance! I love the combination of strength, exhilaration and calm you feel as you teeter on the brink of balance... taking a chance and upping the ante is all part of the beautiful process of yoga. Yes, you will most likely fall the first time you attempt something challenging and new - but to show-up and and try is more important than any "achievement" of the posture. Having the courage to take a risk, to accept that everything is in constant motion, to learn to expose yourself to this mini "stress" in a manageable environment can teach us wonderful lessons about ourselves and our reactions. Embracing this healthy risk-taking is where we learn how to face resistance, where we learn to adapt and cope and where we can find true security.