What to expect in class

  • We will start each class with a short mindfulness meditation, in which we will connect with our breath and allow the mind to settle.
  • Following this we will learn and practise some physical postures (asanas), including Sun Salutations to build heat and strength, followed by some seated postures to develop flexibility.  Modifications/alternative postures will be offered to ensure you can practise safely and choose the best pose to suit you.  In some postures I may physically adjust you to ensure safe alignment and/or to deepen your stretch in the pose.  If you prefer not to be adjusted, or the adjustment feels too strong, then just let me know.
  • Throughout the class, where relevant, there will be some tips / history / philosophy for each of the weekly themes to help understand the origin and foundations of the practice.
  • Finally we will rest in Savasana to calm and relax the mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.