Slow Flow: It’s a Wrap!

Slow Flow: It's a Wrap!

Length: 60 minutes
Focus:Β  Shoulders, chest and upper back
Props: Block
Date Recorded: 14/10/2020
It's a wrap! In this session we prepare-for and explore some traditional postures such as triangle (trikonasana) and side angle (parsvokanasana) and half-moon pose (ardha Chandrasana) with the added extra of a wrapping of the arm to work deeper into the shoulder joint. These external arm rotations release tension and allow us to floss out any gristle from the nooks and crannies of the shoulder joint. And the resultant expansion across the chest brings us a wonderful feeling of release as we fill ourselves with energy as we take deep breaths. And as always, there will be some longer holds before rest so we can let go, bliss out and nourish our body and soul for a relaxing rest of day πŸ™‚