Slow Flow: Happy Hips – Happy Heart

Slow Flow: Happy Hips - Happy Heart

Length: 60 minutes
Focus:Β Hips
Props: Block
Date Recorded: 26/09/2020
Our hips are a wonderful support for us in daily life, and they often tell us a story of how we have been living. Too much sitting can lead to tightness, as can overuse from lots of walking/running etc. Our hips can also become tight as a result of emotional tension and stress; our subconscious reactions to our environment can be physically stored as tension in our body. Maybe we carry around judgements, grievances and resentments that ultimately only serve to make us suffer more. So we will slowly flow through some juicy hip stretches including lunges, lizard and pigeon (single and double), noticing resistance and giving ourselves permission to release tightness. Observing that in a similar way to releasing physical tension, we can cultivate kindness towards ourselves mentally; finding the courage to set-down what is no longer serving us so we can lighten our load and bring our focus back to the fullness of life in the here and now with a sense of ease and peace x