Vinyasa Flow: Let’s Twist Again

Vinyasa Flow: Let's Twist Again

Style: Vinyasa Flow
Length: 60 minutes
Focus: Twists
Props:Β  Block & belt
Date Recorded: 20/08/2020
I love a good twist! I start all my practises (and pretty much all my classes too) with a passive supine twist; for me, it starts to wake up the spine and release tension and my breath gradually deepens, allowing me to make the mental shift and focus my attention on my body and breath. Twists have a whole host of physical benefits; they boost circulation and tone internal organs, as well as restore and improve the range of motion in the spine, shoulders and hips. When we live a sedentary lifestyle it causes the soft tissues to shorten. If we don't stretch them out with twists a few times a week it can limit mobility in the joints and tighten tissues around the abdomen, ribs and hips. The great news is, you can twist anywhere! On your yoga mat, on your desk chair, in bed... and as we release tension we find our stable centre, which we can keep returning to as the world swirls around us. So get ready to twist it out and breathe deeply! x